An open hallway in a modern home with a sloped ceiling. Glass windows run along one side, and recessed lighting in the ceiling.

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Architect: Field Architecture | Photography: Joe Fletcher Photography


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At System 7, Wolfers Lighting, Boston Shade, and Back Bay Shutter, we're passionate about lighting, shading, and home technology. We're always looking for creative and motivated individuals to join our team. A list of our current opportunities can be found below. If any of these descriptions resonate with you, please reach out to us!

Open Roles

Technology Experts

We are looking for field technicians who are craftspeople in the home technology field, studying their art carefully and striving to learn something new every day.

Our ideal technicians are experts in their field.  They must be hands-on, organized,  and driven to see a project through to completion. They must be comfortable installing and troubleshooting, and also understand how to make technology approachable to end users. Calibrate a McIntosh two-channel system? Check.  Configure a Ubiquiti network?  Check.  Were you previously a specialist at the Apple Store?  Check.

Whether entry level or extensively experienced, we have opportunities for the best technicians at all levels.  If you find yourself working with a good team now but feel that you have what it takes to be a leader on the best team, then you are exactly the type of person we are looking for. Come work with the team that can offer you the best opportunities to learn and advance your career, in the most professional start up culture in the home technology industry.

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Project Managers

The world of high-end residential construction is the epitome of interesting, and we work with the coolest clients on the coolest projects.  Our project management team owns our projects throughout the build process, ensuring smooth execution of each technology design. They pair the temperament of a 5-star hotel concierge with the organization of an air traffic controller, and consider keeping all the open issues in front of them an exciting challenge.

Sound like you? Please consider joining our team.  We're always looking for project managers who can roll with the changes, overcome the challenges, and deliver an amazing experience to a happy client every time.

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Lighting Professionals

Do you love light?  Then you would love working with us.  Wolfers Lighting has been around since 1931, and it continues to evolve as the world of lighting changes.  Lighting is the centerpiece of design for a new home, and today you can do more than ever to change the look and mood of a room with lighting.

We are seeking creative people who are passionate about lighting and the way that it can transform a space. Working with the best vendors for architectural, decorative, and landscape lighting, we help our clients discover the possibilities that lighting can bring to their homes.

Whether your background is residential lighting, theatrical lighting, interior design, architecture, or another field, we'd love to speak with you about how you can bring your expertise to our team.  

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Shading Experts

Remember when manual windows in cars were an option?  No? The standard in home shading is quickly becoming motorized as well, and no-one automates more shades in the residential market than we do.

We are looking for artists who work magic in window treatments and who also love the idea of automating those shades.  Our Boston Shade team is based at our new experience center on the first floor of the Boston Design Center. They collaborate with interior designers, architects, and homeowners to design custom motorized shading solutions for projects across New England.

Elevate your game.  Move from the world of manual shades to join the team leading the path towards beautiful automation.

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Our architect-led design team ties our lighting, shading, and technology experts together.  They draft, draw,  ideate, and work with clients at the earliest stages of their projects to help detail  exactly what will be built.

Our team here hails from a variety of backgrounds: architecture, interior design, industrial design, lighting design, and mechanical design.  They have one thing in common.  They are problem solvers.  And they are incredibly intelligent, curious, and passionate about figuring out how to make technology augment a beautiful space and never distract from it. They believe technology should be powerful yet usable.  It should be simple, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.  

Sound interesting?  We are always looking for talented, detail-oriented individuals to join our diverse design team.

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